Weary No More

Author: Golda Dilema — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: June 10, 2021

Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
Weary No More

Weariness can hit anyone. Weariness drives happiness and peace away. Here are some good ways to respond when you’re becoming weary. One, lean on God’s help. God gives you strength and endurance when you rely on Him. He knows your needs and what you’re going through. If you’ve put your trust in Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowers you for what God calls you to do (2 Peter 1:3). Remember, Jesus is with you always. Meditate on God’s Word and promises. Two, take a rEsther Do not give up, but take a good rEsther Take a break. Even God rested (Genesis 2:2). And so did Jesus (John 4:6). God actually commands us to rEsther Jesus also said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rEsther ” Three, relax and do a hobby. Do what you love doing. Reconnect with your talents or passions. God delights in us, and He loves it when we enjoy the ways He’s made us. In the Bible, for example, we can see David loved music and playing instruments. Maybe you like making music, imagining stories, or creating tangible things like art or tools. Maybe you feel alive while running, practicing martial arts, or dancing. Enjoy doing these things with God. Four, reconnect with your family and friends. Spend time with them. Laugh with them. Share your burdens with them. They just might have some solutions. Maybe God will use them to lift your burdens, and maybe He will use you to lift theirs. Five, remember your blessings. List some of the things God has given you or done for you, as many as you can think of. Take a moment to draw or write down some of these blessings, and thank God for them. Connecting with God through gratitude can refresh your spirit. Six, pray for others. God calls us to pray for others, especially people who are in need. When we align our hearts with God’s, we often feel and think better. Seven, fix your eyes on the good future ahead of you. Wonder at the glory of Jesus’ return and the resurrection, and what renewed creation will be like! God offers relief from weariness. Come to Jesus; He will give you rEsther • Golda Dilema • Do you ever get so tired that you just want to give up? • Do you want to get rest but don’t know how? Who is a trusted Christian you can talk to? • Read 1 Kings 19:4-9. What did God do when Elijah was weary? But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. Isaiah 40:31a (NLT)


Read Verses:

Psalm 23:2-3; 55:22; 127:2; Matthew 11:28-30