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We’re excited about what God has planned for 2021. While the world is still full of uncertainty, we have hope in Christ alone. He gives certainty in uncertain times. Much of the uncertainty with teens has created a craving for spiritual truth. Fear and anxiety are common in teens. Many are depressed. They want answers. Unlocked has those answers. One teen wrote, “I just recently began my relationship with God, and I knew I wanted to use a devo app that was meant for me. I found this one, and it really was amazing how every devotional I read is so easy to understand. It is really relatable and very efficient. I love how the Bible tab is right next to the devo tab so I can read the verses provided.”

When you support Unlocked with your best gift of $10, $25, $50, $100, or more you’re not just making sure Unlocked is available for you and your family, but for others. Give boldly NOW as we continue to meet the demand for more printed devotional books and online support.

**Only donations made online by US residents can be receipted for tax purposes by this office. Canadian residents can be receipted by donating online at or through our Canadian office: Keys for Kids Ministries Canada, PO Box 14006 Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 0B4