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  • December 30, 2022

    Changing situations and changing circumstances often come with changing moods, like unease, irritability, or even irrational behavior. These changes may be due to the loss of employment, a loved one, or something else we once held so dear. We might lose something that used to occupy our time, or something that's just always been there. [...]

  • December 28, 2022

    Gazing up at the ever-darkening sky, people in the kingdom of Worne waited. How long had they looked for salvation? Where was the promise of rescue and freedom? All at once, there was a crack in the heavens, a blaze of light that burned stark against the night. Some shielded their faces in fear while [...]

  • December 26, 2022

    He will never leave you But will be by your side Staying with you forever He promises to stay the whole ride . He will never forsake you No matter how big a mess you make You can confess your sins to Him His patience will not break . He will never forget you You [...]

  • December 24, 2022

    The night started just like any other night. A clear, star-lit sky. Sheep sleeping in the field. The shepherds finishing their evening meal around the campfire. Quiet talk about families and the price of wool. But this was no ordinary night. . An angel of God coming to proclaim the coming of the Messiah, and [...]

  • December 22, 2022

    This time of year, many people set out nativity scenes that depict baby Jesus in the manger to remind us of our Savior's humble birth. My family's nativity set was made of sturdy wooden pieces so the kids could touch the figures and play with them. Even children can understand something of the beauty and [...]

  • December 20, 2022

    Christmas season is always something I look forward to. Excitement can be seen and felt everywhere I turn: music is coming from shops, and people are singing carols. The Christmas season brings to town upcountry folks, and the streets of the cities are full of people as the shopkeepers have brought in new merchandise just [...]

  • December 18, 2022

    I cannot fight this darkness deep I cannot find my way Help me, O my God . The faithful, godly people Have vanished from the world Help me, O my God . The poor and needy gasp for help That's nowhere to be found Help them, O my God . The wicked encompass the earth [...]

  • December 16, 2022

    One of my favorite Bible passages is Psalm 19. David, the psalmist, illustrates how God is a master communicator. This psalm has three parts: . 1) God speaks through creation; . 2) God speaks through His Word; and . 3) David's response to both. . First, we see that God speaks through His work of [...]

  • December 14, 2022

    Maybe you've heard the saying: God will never give us more than we can handle. I'd never thought much about that idea until I found myself in Guatemala, begging God not to let both of my grandparents pass away while I was gone. . My grammy had been sick when I left for my semester [...]

  • December 12, 2022

    Elisha is an Old Testament prophet, and God performed many mighty miracles through him. He healed Naaman of leprosy (2 Kings 5), raised a dead boy back to life (2 Kings 4), and stopped the Aramean army from doing violence (2 Kings 6). But in the midst of these stories, we also read about some [...]