Why Even Go?

Author: Kevin Zeller — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: May 9, 2020

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Why Even Go?

Church is boring. Trust me, I know. When I was an energy-filled young boy, the decrepit, 1970s-style church building—with its mildew smell and lifeless music—threatened to suffocate me. “Singing? Listening to people talk? These are a few of my least favorite things.” Later, I learned a painful truth: some pretty bad people lurk in churches, just waiting for the right time to rip off their fake smiles and unleash hatred of all forms. So why even go? Isn’t it better to just hang out at home, communing with Jesus from our beds on Sunday morning? After all, everything we do should be done in worship of Christ—from sleeping to eating to watching football (Colossians 3:23). Isn’t church redundant? The thing is, Jesus is building a great big church. He’s building it out of broken, sinful people who He is making new. In today’s Bible passage, the apostle Peter describes believers as “living stones,” being built into a vast temple, the cornerstone of which is Christ (1 Peter 2:4-5). Going to church reminds us we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. In fact, the Bible often describes the church as a city. Christianity is not an individualistic experience. It has been defined as a community ever since God promised Abraham He would make a nation out of him (Genesis 12:1-3; Galatians 3:26-29). The people of God are meant to live and worship together. When we attend our local churches, we confess and worship Jesus, our King, together with every saint who has ever lived (1 Corinthians 1:2; Ephesians 2:18-22). And together we look forward to dwelling with Him (and each other) forever (Revelation 21:1-5). The gospel of Jesus Christ unites the people of God throughout history and around the world. Church got less boring once I realized these truths. I am part of Jesus’ church—the family of God—which will outlast all sin and suffering. • Kevin Zeller • How do you feel about church? Do you ever think about the church as a gigantic family of people united around faith in Jesus? • There are good times to leave certain churches. Does your church proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ? If you have questions about whether it’s time to leave a church, who is a trusted Christian you could talk with— such as a teacher, camp counselor, parent, or friend? You are coming to Christ, who is the living cornerstone of God’s temple .And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. 1 Peter 2:4-5 (NLT)


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1 Peter 2:4-10