What Does Jesus Want Me to Do with My Life?

Author: Aurora Scriver — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: March 31, 2020

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What Does Jesus Want Me to Do with My Life?

What does Jesus want me to do with my life? Have you ever asked that question? I know I have. There’s so much pressure to know what you’re going to do before you even leave home. And at the same time—both a blessing and a curse—there are so many options. It’s honestly anxiety-inducing. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I choose something outside of God’s will? Good news: If you know Jesus, you’re already in God’s will. It’s not some nebulous, ethereal, fountain-of-youth thing. It’s living each moment of your life in light of what Jesus has done to free you from sin. It means devoting the little and big things in your life to serving Him. You find God’s will by understanding who He is. And that can be found in His Word, the Bible. If something isn’t sinful, you can do it in freedom—and to the glory of God. That’s the point, actually. So seek to honor God in all your choices—the big future ones and the little everyday ones. Study His Word, talk to Him about everything, and be in community with other Christians—in other words, get to know Jesus. The more you know Him, the more you’ll know His peace. Some days will have you feeling more anxious than others, but He’ll be with you every step of the way. • Aurora Scriver • If you know Jesus, how does knowing you’re already in God’s will change your perspective about the future? • What are some big decisions you are facing right now? Small ones? How does your faith in Christ affect those decisions? • What are your favorite Scripture passages to read when you are anxious about upcoming decisions? • What people in your life can give you Christ-centered wisdom about hard decisions? For this is the will of my Father: that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him will have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day. John 6:40 (CSB)

Read Verses:

John 6:40; Philippians 3:7-14