Author: G. Kam Congleton — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: March 7, 2022

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Joseph is only seventeen when his story begins—and he is having serious problems! Joseph is the youngest of eleven brothers and his father’s favorite. Even before their father has a colorful coat made just for Joseph, his brothers clearly hate him. Maybe the way Joseph talks about his “special” dreams is simply the last straw. One day Joseph’s brothers spot him in the distance, coming to check on them as they tend the flocks. Realizing they are alone in the wilderness, they quickly plot to kill him, but thanks to Reuben, the oldest brother, they decide to throw him into an old well instead. Most of them are willing to let him die. But wait—a better opportunity! Along comes a caravan of traders, pleased to purchase a healthy young slave in exchange for twenty pieces of silver. Thus, Joseph now finds himself in Egypt, a slave to an officer named Potiphar. However, “the Lord was with Joseph, giving him success in everything he did” (Genesis 39:3). Potiphar notices Joseph’s good work and trustworthy character and places him in charge of his entire household. Things are looking up! Then, another disaster. Potiphar’s wife lusts after Joseph and demands, “Come and sleep with me” (Genesis 39:7), but he refuses her, saying he cannot violate his master’s trust, nor “sin against God” (Genesis 39:8-9). Probably feeling insulted and angry, she lies about Joseph, and Potiphar throws him into prison. Great—first slavery, now prison! Yet, “the Lord was with him [Joseph] and caused everything he did to succeed” (Genesis 39:23). Success? In prison? Yes, even in terrible situations God is there and He is working. Joseph was eventually released from prison, and he became second in command to Pharoah! Through interpreting dreams, God helped Joseph prepare for a famine that was coming, and when Joseph had a chance to pay back his brothers for what they did to him, instead Joseph forgave them and provided for their families. God worked through Joseph to save His people. And Joseph’s life foreshadows Jesus’s life. Jesus was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver, then treated as a criminal even though He had done nothing wrong. By dying on the cross for our sin and raising again, Jesus provided the way for all people to be saved. If we’ve put our trust in Jesus, He empowers us to be trustworthy and invites us to be part of what He’s doing. And just as God was with Joseph, He is with us—our most trustworthy Friend. • G. Kam Congleton • How does Joseph’s life reveal that God is worthy of our trust? The Lord was with Joseph, so he succeeded in everything he did. Genesis 39:2a (NLT)


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Genesis 39:1-Genesis 39:5; Genesis 39:19-Genesis 39:23; Genesis 41:37-Genesis 41:41