The Power of Seeking Wise Counsel

Author: Tynea Lewis — Host: Dylan KraayenbrinkPosted on: May 1, 2024

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The Power of Seeking Wise Counsel

READ: PROVERBS 11:14; 12:15; 15:22; 20:18

Do you have people in your life who want to give you advice, like parents, teachers, pastors, counselors, or coaches? They want us to listen to what they have to say, and often we can be tempted to shrug them off, but there may be a lot we can learn from them.

Someone who has been through different seasons of life can offer a lot of wisdom, and not in the “I-told-you-so” kind of way. There are people who genuinely care and want to help. And the Bible tells us how wonderful this kind of advice can be: “The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense” (Proverbs 27:9).

When we seek the advice of others, we can be given more direction. Fellow Christians can point us to Christ and help us discern what He wants for our lives. Because the truth is, God doesn’t expect us to be able to figure everything out on our own. He provides loving wisdom and guidance through His Word, His Spirit, and His people. Once we’ve put our trust in Jesus—believing in His life, death, and resurrection—He gives us the Holy Spirit, who gives all wisdom. And He gives us the church—people who follow Jesus and also have the Holy Spirit inside of them. Through the church, we can surround ourselves with people who can offer biblical advice so we can do what Proverbs 19:20 says: “Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.” When we talk to mature Christians, they can help us align our plans with God’s good ways. So often, it’s easy to see the way we want things to go, but when we turn to different advisors, we can see if we are on the right track or completely off base.

It’s a blessing to have these people in our lives. Sometimes, it feels like other people want to criticize what we’re doing, but when we humbly seek the advice of others and truly listen to their wisdom, it can have a profound impact on our lives. • Tynea Lewis

• Have you ever been hesitant to ask for advice because you were afraid of being criticized, demeaned, or teased? This is not how God treats us, and it’s not how He calls us to treat each other. Consider taking some time to talk to Him about your hurts and the ways people have looked down on you, receiving His compassion and healing.

• What is one thing you’re facing that you could use advice on? Who are mature Christians in your life you can go to for advice, people who display the kind of wisdom described in James 3:13-18? If no one comes to mind, you can ask God to help you identify someone in the future.

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success. Proverbs 15:22 (NLT)