The Abundant Life

Author: Courtney Lasater — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: April 22, 2022

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The Abundant Life

All his life, Devon had been surrounded by walls. He had been born on the spaceship, just like countless generations before him. There were stories of a place humans had come from long ago called Earth, where there was open air and water that stretched as far as the eye could see. But that’s all they were. Stories. Tales told to children before they went to sleep. On the ship, air and water were carefully monitored and recycled. One wrong move and they could be gone forever. As the ship hurdled through space, all Devon could see outside was the ever-present blackness sprinkled with the fine glitter of distant stars. If the ship ever had a target destination, it had long since been lost. Now all that stretched before them was cold, empty darkness. Then, one day, a message popped up on an old console. “Earth-like planet detected. Adjust coordinates immediately.” Most people on the ship scoffed at it. “Earth is a myth,” they said. “There’s never been anything but the spaceship.” But a few of the passengers read the words on the screen and believed. Devon was one of them. He and the others banded together and got a small spacecraft sitting in the hull ready for voyage. He sobbed as he hugged his family goodbye, then he and the others boarded the tiny ship and launched into space, away from the only home they had ever known. They followed the coordinates. For weeks they saw nothing but darkness. Then a star in the distance began to grow brighter. Finally, a tinge of blue-green light came into view—a planet orbiting the star. When they landed on the planet, they stumbled out of the ship into warm, permeating light. Devon’s lungs burned as he sucked in the fresh, fragrant air. He and the others laughed and whooped as they ran along the edge of the great expanse of water. They gave names to the strange creatures they found crawling in the dirt and fluttering in the air. Devon realized this was how humans were meant to live—not confined to a spaceship but roaming free on a big, beautiful planet. As the giant star dipped below the unseen edge of the water, he finally sat down, exhausted. He was home. • Courtney Lasater • In John 10:10, Jesus says He came to earth so that we could have life in abundance. He became human, died on a cross, and rose again to give us life—the life we were meant to have before sin broke us and our world. What do you think abundant life through Jesus looks like? Have you experienced your life being changed by Him in any way? • Have you had to leave behind anything from your former life in order to follow Jesus and embrace the new life He has given you? “I [Jesus] have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” John 10:10b (CSB)


Read Verses:

Matthew 7:13-Matthew 7:14; Matthew 19:28-Matthew 19:29; John 1:1-John 1:5; John 5:24; John 10:10