Family Matters

Author: Hope Bolinger — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: November 2, 2019

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Family Matters

READ: MATTHEW 12:46-50

If anyone understands messed up families, it’s Jesus.

Imagine the ridicule He received growing up when His neighbors and friends assumed His mother had Him out of wedlock. People at school probably muttered about how neither Jesus nor Mary deserved to live. Their cruel words could have rivaled some of the insults I received from bullies in middle school.

Add to that, His father likely died before He began His ministry. With few occupations available for widows back then, taking care of Mary became Jesus’ responsibility as the firstborn (John 19:25-27). No pressure there, especially on top of the whole Messiah gig.

Not to mention His mother and siblings stormed one of His sermons, likely to tell Him to keep quiet. Even James, Jesus’ brother, doubted Jesus’ true identity as the Messiah until long after His death and resurrection. You heard that right: His own brother didn’t believe in Him.

Growing up, when confronted with constant sibling fights and my parents’ divorce, I hated the meaning of family. To me, family meant slamming doors and shouting matches. I would forget that I have a family bigger than the one in my house. Even though my biological mother and brothers may cause disappointment, my family in Christ gives me hope because, in Him, I always have a family—one that lasts forever, rooted in His promises.

Sure, we mess up. Our Christ-family still slams doors and causes deep hurts. But we all take part in a restoration process. Messed up? Sure. Storming Jesus’ kingdom to tell Him He’s not doing a good job? Guilty as charged.

But Jesus calls us family, walking with us and restoring our broken selves through His death and resurrection. If anyone can turn a messy family into something beautiful, it’s Him. • Hope Bolinger

• Everybody has some brokenness in their family. What kinds of brokenness do you see in your family? Pray for Jesus to restore your family and heal your hurts.

• Maybe your family is also part of your Christ-family. Wonderful! Praise God for that here. But maybe your family doesn’t believe in Jesus. Take time here to pray for them and to ask God to show you how to tell them about Jesus.

For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother. Matthew 12:50 (CSB)