Attention, Citizens

Author: Courtney Lasater — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: July 6, 2021

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Attention, Citizens

Welcome to the newly established eternal kingdom of Yahweh, Almighty God and Creator of Heaven and Earth. He has restored His creation and made all things well. Today, He commands the immediate removal of any items that have been rendered useless and obsolete. All items listed below should be turned in to the nearest Pruning Hook facility for recycling. These are not needed anymore. The risen King has set you free. PROFESSIONAL Items or equipment related to one or more of the following professional fields: Health care Counseling and mental health services Special needs instruction and care Nursing home and hospice care Law enforcement and jurisdiction Prison administration Military training and operations Banking and financial services Humanitarian relief Missions/evangelism PERSONAL Items owned by individuals for purposes that are now defunct, such as: Eyeglasses/contact lenses Hearing aids Medication/prescriptions Face masks/personal protective equipment Braces Prosthetic limbs Walkers/wheelchairs Insect repellant Sunscreen Lamps/flashlights/lighting equipment Locks/keys Addiction recovery aids Weapons of war Coffins NOTE: Lists are not exhaustive; any item not listed that serves no purpose in the new world should also be recycled immediately. Welcome to life without brokenness. Individuals who previously served in a professional field that has now been dismantled will be reassigned. Well done, good and faithful servants. • Courtney Lasater • Read through the items and professional categories listed above again. Did any of them resonate with you in some way? Why? • What else can you think of that will be rendered useless and obsolete in God’s eternal kingdom? Even though God gives us tools to help us in the midst of brokenness, how might knowing that these tools are temporary affect the way you view or interact with them now? • Jesus came to heal all types of brokenness, to restore God’s good creation, and to reunite God’s people with Himself—and each other! Jesus’ death and resurrection guarantee this promise. How might it give you hope to know that, while God grieves our suffering with us, He also promises to remove all suffering one day? “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:3b-4 (NIV)


Read Verses:

Isaiah 2:1-5; 60:18-22; Luke 4:18-21; Revelation 21:1-4