A Psalm of Thanksgiving

Author: Kimberly Brokish — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: November 24, 2022

Read: Psalm 136
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A Psalm of Thanksgiving

When you read Psalm 136, you might see why I’ve called it a psalm of
thanksgiving. The first three verses say, “Give thanks.” This Psalm was
written to be a group song of thanks, meaning that one person or part of
the group would sing the first line, then the majority of the group would
sing back, “His love endures forever.”

But what exactly is the psalm—or song—thanking God for? Each verse thanks
Him for a specific thing in Israel’s history. The verses can be grouped
together to find four main themes about God’s actions and character that
the singers were thanking Him for.

First, in verses 1-9, they thank God for what He has made: the heavens, the
waters, and the light. These verses praise God for being the Creator.

Second, in verses 10-16, they thank God for saving Israel from slavery in
Egypt by striking down the firstborn, dividing the Red Sea, and leading the
Israelites (along with many other people, see Exodus 12:38) through the
wilderness. By saving them from slavery, God revealed that He is the

Third, in verses 17-22, they thank God for striking down their enemies so
that Israel could live in the land that He had promised them as their
inheritance. Israel praises God for being the great Conqueror.

Fourth, in verses 23-26, they thank God for remembering them, for freeing
them from captivity, and for feeding all living creatures. They praise God
for being the Deliverer.

God is not only the Creator, Redeemer, Conqueror, and Deliver for the
people who sang this psalm many years ago; He is also all these things for
us today! He created us and everything around us. Through dying on the
cross and rising from the dead for us, Jesus—God the Son—redeemed us from
sin, delivered us from death, and conquered all evil, and He will one day
return to deliver all of creation from captivity to decay, brokenness, and
death. What a thing to be able to thank Him for! • Kimberly Brokish

• Have you seen God acting as the Creator, Redeemer, Conqueror, or
Deliverer—either in Scripture, in your own life, or in someone else’s life?
Consider taking some time to thank God for who He is and what He has done.

• How could it be helpful to look back on your own life to remember the
things God has done for you?

Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:26


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