A Great Name from Church History: Mesrop Mashtots

Author: Jeff Weddle — Host: Andrew StevensPosted on: July 30, 2021

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A Great Name from Church History: Mesrop Mashtots

Christians understand the incredible life-changing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection bring each believer new life. This is truly good news. How far would you go to share this news with people who didn’t know it? While reading about church history, I came across one of the greatest names of all time: Mesrop Mashtots. I believe it is impossible to improve upon this name. Not only did Mr. Mashtots have a cool name, he did incredible things to share the gospel. Mashtots wanted to translate the Bible into the Armenian language. Only one problem: there was no alphabet, so there was no written Armenian language to work with. But this didn’t stop Mashtots. He traveled around Armenia paying attention to the common sounds of their language. He hired a calligrapher to link Greek letters to the sounds and developed a thirty-six- letter Armenian alphabet. Alphabetizing the language didn’t solve the problem though, because no one could read it. So, get this: Mashtots persuaded the government to establish an Armenian school system to teach everyone how to read his new alphabet! In order to get Armenians a Bible, Mashtots invented their alphabet, began a school system, and then gave them a Bible in their own language! I find this all to be absolutely incredible—how is there no international Mashtots holiday? We could sit around playing games with invented alphabets and eat tater tots. Today, Armenia still credits Mashtots for making the nation literate. He didn’t stop there though. He went on to create the Albanian and Georgian alphabets! Truly this man knew the awesomeness of the gospel and was consumed with a desire to share it. • Jeff Weddle • Even if God doesn’t call you to work in Bible translation or international missions, you can still spread the gospel by living faithfully wherever He puts you. Maybe you’ll contribute through science, construction, stay-at-home parenting, food service, ministry, health care, office work, etc. All these are part of God’s kingdom! Where has God placed you? How can you use the opportunities and skills He’s given you to share the gospel of Jesus with those around you? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” Romans 10:15 (NLT)


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Matthew 9:35-38; Romans 10:14-17