The Comparison Game

Author: A. W. Smith — Host: Dylan KraayenbrinkPosted on: October 7, 2023

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The Comparison Game

READ: ROMANS 12:1-11; EPHESIANS 2:8-10; 1 JOHN 4:19

Have you ever found yourself playing the comparison game? When we look around us and see what everyone else can do, it’s easy to try to figure out if we’re better or worse at certain things than others. Maybe your friend Blake is better at soccer than you are, so you might try to make yourself feel better by comparing yourself to Skye, who is a weaker player than both of you. But comparison is a never-ending game, and it leaves us feeling stressed, not satisfied.

We all struggle with comparison from time to time, but thankfully we don’t have to keep playing the comparison game. Instead, Jesus frees us to embrace the gifts God has given us. He created each of us with different talents and abilities—He didn’t leave anyone out. And once we put our trust in Jesus, the Holy Spirit gives us spiritual gifts too. God calls all of us to share His love with others, but every person does this in their own unique way. So, when we try to measure ourselves against other people, it doesn’t really work. But when we focus on using our own gifts to serve the Lord, we find joy in discovering how He made us. All our abilities come from God, and He’ll help us use them for His glory and to point others to Jesus.

Playing the comparison game is a waste of time. But in Jesus, you’re free to be who God created you to be—yourself! You have an important purpose in His kingdom. When you feel like others are more valuable than you because they can do different things, remember: you belong to Jesus. He made you and delights in you just as you are. You are eternally valuable because God made you. And you are infinitely loved by Him, no matter what you do. • A. W. Smith

• We live in a broken world where comparison is all around us. From social media to athletics to academics and more…we’re constantly given ways to measure ourselves against other people. But, as we find our identity in Jesus, we find freedom from the comparison game. As Christians, we are forgiven children of God who have meaningful work to do in His kingdom. Instead of trying to figure out if we are better or worse than others, we can thank God for how He created each of us wonderfully unique. Consider taking a moment to thank God for a few of the people you might be tempted to compare yourself to, and also thank Him for the abilities He’s given you.

• Do you know what some of your talents or spiritual gifts are? Who are trusted Christians in your life who could help you discern what your abilities are and how to use them well?

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 (NLT)