The Bridegroom

Author: Naomi Zylstra — Host: Natty AndersonPosted on: July 29, 2023

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The Bridegroom

READ: ISAIAH 62:5; HOSEA 2:19; JOHN 3:28-31; EPHESIANS 5:25-29

As someone who is married, I think the image of Jesus as a Bridegroom to the church is a beautiful comparison. The love, companionship, and union of marriage is designed to mirror the relationship of Jesus and His church. That’s why one name for Jesus in the Bible is the Bridegroom, and we—the church—are His bride.

Jesus deeply loves us, He laid down His life for us, and He continues to take care of us. We see this in His Word, the Bible. Jesus, God the Son, took on human flesh to live among us on earth, and He died and rose again to save us. Then He ascended to heaven, promising to return. Yet He is still with us through His Holy Spirit living in us, and even now, He is taking care of us—providing for our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs. His self-sacrificial love and service to the church is mind-blowing.

In a marriage, there is also supposed to be self-sacrificing love and service to each other. On most days, this kind of love shows up on a smaller scale. For example, a spouse might give up some of their time to spend on something their spouse is excited about, or help their spouse manage tasks when they are overwhelmed. But sometimes it can mean bigger acts of love, like choosing to raise children, or caring for a spouse who is terminally ill.

The deep love and connection that comes in marriage serves as a reminder of the love Jesus has for us. I think about how much I love my husband and how much he loves me, and then I marvel at the fact that Jesus loves me even more. • Naomi Zylstra

• If you’ve put your trust in Jesus, you are part of the church, the bride of Christ. Have you ever thought of yourself in this way? What do you like or dislike about this comparison?

• Whenever you see a husband and wife live out self-sacrificial love in marriage, you can be reminded of the self-sacrificial love Jesus has for you. Have you seen this kind of love in any married couples you know?

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. Isaiah 62:5b (NIV)