Mystery Revealed!

Author: Savannah Coleman — Host: Emily TenterPosted on: March 20, 2021

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Mystery Revealed!

Once again, the Pharisees were out for Jesus’ blood. Eager to catch Jesus in a mistake, they tugged a woman before Him and announced their plans to stone her for her sin of adultery. The Pharisees hoped Jesus would protest her sentence and contradict the law of Moses, which said adulterers had to die. Finally, Jesus spoke. “If anyone here is without sin, they can throw the first stone.” The Pharisees all grew quiet. Instead of Jesus being neatly trapped by their clever trick, they had been trapped! One by one, they left. Then, only Jesus and the woman stood there. No one else, just the Son of God and a sinner. She didn’t offer any excuses as she stood there in the silence. Not to Jesus. This was the One who was without sin. He was the only One who would be within His perfect rights to cast that stone, and He knew it all: every sinful action, every sinful thought, every moment of her entire life. That woman was me. I stood before Jesus, alone. He saw right through me. There was nothing I needed to or could say. Jewish law commanded that I be stoned for my adultery. God’s perfect law said I had to die for my sin. But in both cases, Jesus had the power over the law. It was powerful, but His grace was greater. He had the power, the mercy, and the compassion to forgive and say the beautiful words: “I don’t condemn you. Go, and sin no more.” Those are words He has spoken to each of His children. If you have trusted Jesus as your Savior from sin and death, your name is in this blank: “I don’t condemn you, ______. Go, and sin no more.” • Jessica Kleeberger • Have you put your trust in Jesus to save you from sin and death? To learn more, check out our “Know Jesus” page. • Read Matthew 18:23-33. As Christians, what should we remember when we are tempted to judge others? When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners. Romans 5:6 (NLT)


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Colossians 1:24-2:7