I Need God

Author: Emily Acker — Host: Natty AndersonPosted on: September 10, 2023

Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
I Need God

READ: PSALMS 34:1-22; 61:1-2; 121:1-8; 139:1-5

When I whisper

Answer me, God

When I scream

Be the One who hears

When I can’t speak

Hear my thoughts

When I break

Put all of my pieces together

When I’m lost

Bring me home, God

When I’m scared

Calm my fears

When I fail

Show me the way

When I praise you

Accept my praise • Emily Acker

• Today’s poem is written in the style of a psalm. Did one of the phrases in this poem stick out to you in particular? Which one?

• We can pour out our hearts to God at all times (Psalm 62:8). He is always eager to listen to us and help us. What does your heart long to say to God today?

• Throughout the book of Psalms, we can find echoes of the gospel. For example, in Psalm 34:20 we find a prophecy that none of Jesus’s bones would be broken (John 19:30-37). Whenever we cry out to God, we can rest knowing that our rescue is in Jesus. He came so that we could be close to God. He is the healer of our brokenness, the One who seeks us when we’re lost and brings us home, the One who delivers us from fear and gives us His peace. He died for us while we were still sinners and rose from the grave so that all who trust in Him can be forgiven and made righteous. He is the Way, and He is worthy of all our praise. How can remembering who Jesus is give us hope to cry out to Him in every struggle we face? (If you want to dig deeper, read Isaiah 53:5; Luke 4:17-21; 15:1-7; John 14:6, 27)

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4 (NIV)