Ebenezer–Stone of Help

Author: Andrea Bowden — Host: Emily TenterPosted on: December 29, 2021

Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
Unlocked: Daily Devotions for Teens
Ebenezer--Stone of Help

I. ran a marathon once. In case you are unfamiliar, a marathon is 26.2 miles of running. That was in the year 2000, and I’ve never even considered running another one. I’m completely convinced it’s because I didn’t create a celebratory moment at the finish line. I’ve found that if I don’t celebrate something that’s worthy of celebration, I’m less likely to want to do it again. But if I make a big deal about the big moments in my life, I’m more likely to continue in these paths. In the book of 1 Samuel, in chapter 7, there’s an awesome story where all the people of Israel turn back to the Lord, get rid of their idols, confess their sins, and recommit to serving God and Him alone. Then they find out the Philistine army is coming to attack them, so the Israelites cry out to the Lord to rescue them. Verse 10 says, “The Philistines arrived to attack Israel. But the Lord spoke with a mighty voice of thunder from heaven that day, and the Philistines were thrown into such confusion that the Israelites defeated them.” Then the prophet Samuel set up a stone near a boundary where the Israelites defeated the Philistines. After this battle, the Philistines didn’t even touch the Israelites. In fact, the Israelites took back some of the land that had been taken from them. The stone Samuel set out is called Ebenezer: Stone of Help. But the stone is not the thing. The important thing is that Samuel and the Israelites created a moment to recognize what God did and set up a memorial as a reminder of His faithfulness. The reason the Israelites conquered their enemies that day was because God answered their cry for help. The stone was a visual reminder of how God rescued them. In the “marathons” of life, it’s important for us to take time to celebrate God’s help. Set up an Ebenezer if you need to. Whether it’s a stone or a feather or a marshmallow, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it takes, celebrate God’s faithfulness. Remember times God has helped you, and also remember how Jesus came to save you by dying and raising from the dead. He loves you and wants you to cry out to Him. As you seek God through Jesus, He will give you the courage and perseverance to continue running strong in the paths He has for you. • Andrea Bowden • Can you think of a time God helped you? How can you celebrate His help today? Samuel then took a large stone and placed it between the towns of Mizpah and Jeshanah. He named it Ebenezer (which means “the stone of help”), for he said, “Up to this point the Lord has helped us!” 1 Samuel 7:12 (NLT)


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1 Samuel 7:1-1 Samuel 7:14