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  • August 7, 2023

    READ: LAMENTATIONS 3:19-26; JOHN 5:24; ROMANS 7:14–8:1 A vivid sunset reached over the aqua waters of my home on Zakynthos Island. I slid my hand down my pteranodon’s sleek, yet powerful neck as he lifted his wings, carrying me higher into the color-splashed sky. Apostolos had been my constant companion since the night he landed [...]

  • July 17, 2023

    READ: MATTHEW 12:1-14 How do you deal with conflict? I may have an unpopular approach, but I tend to address conflict head on, right away. I don’t like using the silent treatment or leaving passive aggressive notes. But I think my approach can be a little intense sometimes, so I’m learning to give others time [...]