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  • December 15, 2023

    READ: PSALMS 39:4-7; 90:1-17 When I was young, my family would visit my grandmother 750 miles away, and at night, she would sit with me on her lap and read from her Bible and tell stories of her life. She often said, “It wasn’t long ago I was your age.” I would look at her [...]

  • November 22, 2023

    READ: PSALM 102:25-28; HEBREWS 13:5-8 It can be comforting to have something in your life that always stays the same. You might have dinner with your grandparents every weekend, or you might have a pet who meets you at the door every day when you get home from school. No matter what goes on in [...]

  • September 23, 2023

    READ: GENESIS 8:22; PSALM 46:1-7; 104:19; HEBREWS 13:5-8 Today is an equinox! On two different days every year, day and night are the same length. All around the world, the day lasts twelve hours and so does the night. We call those days equinoxes. There are two different types of equinoxes: vernal and autumnal—one for [...]

  • August 15, 2023

    READ: DEUTERONOMY 11:10-25; 31:8 What kinds of changes have happened in your life so far? Maybe they’ve been small changes, like transitioning to a different school building when you reached a certain grade. Maybe you’ve gone through large changes, like your family moving or someone close to you getting a divorce. In the Bible, the [...]

  • December 28, 2022

    Gazing up at the ever-darkening sky, people in the kingdom of Worne waited. How long had they looked for salvation? Where was the promise of rescue and freedom? All at once, there was a crack in the heavens, a blaze of light that burned stark against the night. Some shielded their faces in fear while [...]