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  • December 6, 2023

    READ: GENESIS 2:2-3; EXODUS 10:8-10; DEUTERONOMY 5:12-15; HEBREWS 4:9-11 Have you ever felt guilty for resting? I know I have. When my body tells me I need to take a break and slow down, I always try to fight it. This world is fast-paced, and I always feel like I can’t keep up—rest isn’t going [...]

  • December 4, 2023

    READ: MATTHEW 1:18-25; 28:16-20 Recently, I was looking up verses about Jesus being with us, and I noticed something really cool. In Matthew’s Gospel—his account of Jesus’s life— Matthew includes two pointed statements about how Jesus is with us, and he places one of these right at the beginning of his account and the other [...]

  • December 2, 2023

    READ: ROMANS 8:12-17; PHILIPPIANS 2:1-11; COLOSSIANS 1:15-20 Do you have any siblings? And if so, are you the oldest, youngest, or somewhere in the middle? In biblical times, birth order mattered a lot. If you were a firstborn son (sorry daughters) you would inherit the birthright from your father. This could be anything from sheep [...]

  • November 25, 2023

    READ: EXODUS 16:4-16; JOHN 6:1-15, 25-59 Where I live, making homemade bread was more of a trend during the earlier days of the pandemic, but I’m a little late to the trend. I’ve started making my own bread more recently, and even though I’m new to the hobby I’m growing to love it more each [...]

  • November 21, 2023

    READ: DEUTERONOMY 30:1-10; JEREMIAH 29:4-19; MATTHEW 28:18-20 Imagine being exiled from your home where you’ve lived all your life and forced to move to a faraway land…for seventy years. Would you panic? Complain? Would you keep your bags packed just in case you’re allowed to go home earlier? In the Bible, God warned His people, [...]

  • November 19, 2023

    READ: JOHN 11:1-44; 15:15 As a child, John 11 was one of my favorite Bible passages. I loved listening to the story of Lazarus. Part of it may have been because the town where Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary lived shared my name: Bethany. But the more I heard this story, the more [...]

  • November 15, 2023

    READ: PSALMS 33:12-22; 78:1-8 You may know that the Wright Brothers invented the first functional airplane, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, and Louis Pasteur developed a process that makes milk safe to drink. A lot of people also know Pasteur developed a vaccine for rabies in humans. But few people know that modern physical [...]

  • November 14, 2023

    READ: PSALM 94:17-19; MATTHEW 6:25-34; 11:28-30 There are a lot of anxious and worried people in the world today, but that’s nothing new. People have been worrying for a long time, otherwise the Bible wouldn’t address worry like it does. We’re not the first people to have days when we feel anxious or nights when [...]

  • November 11, 2023

    READ: PSALM 46:1-7; MATTHEW 8:23-27 What’s the scariest storm you’ve ever been through? When you’re in the middle of a storm, you never know what could happen. As the wind picks up, trees start blowing wildly. Branches come crashing down. The wind hurtles at the windows and makes a loud shriek. The house feels like [...]

  • November 9, 2023

    READ: JOHN 8 It can be hard to answer people who question us about our beliefs, especially if they speak aggressively and make us nervous. Studying the Bible can help us have answers in our heads, but getting those answers out can still be an issue. In John 8, Jesus was questioned by some Pharisees, [...]